Our Products are

:: Continuous Bulk Material Equipments like ::

  • Travelling Tripper, Shuttle Conveyor, Movable Hopper, Reciprocating Feeder, Appron Feeder, Paddle Feeder
  • Wagon Loader, Belt Changing Device, Plough Feeder, Bag Diverter, Mobile Bag Diverter
  • Belt Plough – Pneumatic and Electrically operated
  • Oscillating Conveyor, Wide Belt Conveyor, Rotating Conveyor, Portable Conveyor
  • Long Travel Arrangement for Stacker , Barrel Reclaimer
  • Belt Changing Device
  • Steep Angle Conveyor and other conveyor related equipments
  • Bucket Wheel Shaft, Slew Pinion & Pinion Shaft.
  • Bucket for Stacker

:: For Steel Plant ::

  • Mobile Grizzly, Friction Drive Base Frame, Crush Deck, Top Gas Ignition System ,Roll Chock Internals,Crop & Sample Discharge System, Laddle Cover Manupulator
  • Long Travel Arrangement for various types of Yard Machines
  • Various types of Winches – Boom Luffing Winch, Motorised / Manual Winches, Rope Drum
  • Various types of gates- Rack & Pinion, Sector, Rod, Diverter, Flap, Prism etc.
  • Screw Conveyors, Dribble Conveyor

:: Spares for Wagon Tipplers & Side Arm Charger ::

  • Festooning system , Charger Track , Fixed Support Roller, Sprung Support Roller, Reaction Roller, Guide Roller, Clicking Stop, Run Back Stop, Wheel Gripper, Tippler Rotation Drive

:: General Products ::

  • Telescopic Chute, Two Way Chutes, Stacker Reclaimer Chutes, Technological Structure, Drive Base Frame, Chute & Skirt etc.
  • Spring Buffer for Yard machines
  • Wheel & Axle Assembly

:: Speciality Products ::

  • Brick Mould ( Single, Double, Four Cavity)
  • Liner & Die Plates
  • Socket & Socket Plates
  • Mould Covering Plate, Wear Plate
  • Charger Box Assmbly, Brick Gripper